AmIUnique, a Browser fingerprinting platform

by Sihem Bouhenniche
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


In this DiverSE coffee session, I’ll present an overview of my academic journey with a particular focus on the last two years. During this period, I’ve worked in Spirals team under the supervision of Pierre Laperdrix and Walter Rudametkin on maintaining a team project named AmIUnique which is a website that offers many features like creating browser fingerprints and computing its uniqueness. My main contribution in this project was designing and developing a new version with new features and modern UI. This version came after an in-depth analysis of the existing system, aimed at fixing issues, enhancing performance, introducing new features, and making collaboration within the project easy and smooth for team members. At the end of this presentation, I’ll discuss my upcoming PhD research, starting in next January, which will focus on analyzing privacy within the Android OS ecosystem.