Genetic Improvement and Magpie

by Aymeric Blot
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


Genetic Improvement (GI) is an innovative approach that’s transforming how we enhance and optimise software. Imagine treating your code like living organisms, allowing it to evolve and improve automatically. GI leverages principles from genetics and evolution to fine-tune software, making it more efficient, reliable, and adaptable. It’s an exciting field at the intersection of software engineering and artificial intelligence, promising to reshape how we create and maintain software systems.

Magpie is a tool that brings the principles of GI to life by automating software improvement. It’s a versatile and powerful ally for software engineers, offering a unified framework to enhance both the functional and non-functional aspects of software. It’s like having a geneticist for your codebase, exploring ways to enhance it by tweaking parameters, performing program transformations, and optimising compilers. Available now!