Internship presentations

by Yazid Benjamaa, Bastien Sauvat, Jeremy Bindel
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


  • A Pivot Language for Reasoning on DevSecOps Tools (Yazid Benjamaa)

    State of the art in DevSecOps, results, and progress towards defining a DSL (Domain-Specific Language) for designing DevSecOps tools that can address specific issues and constraints causing a decline in security productivity.

  • Static analysis of polyglot programs (Bastien Sauvat)

    During this coffee, I will explain how static analysis is performed in Rust for polyglot programs. To illustrate this presentation, we’ll take a look at my ongoing project : PolyglotAST, which is a Rust-based project designed to display the AST of a polyglot program.

  • Web tool for configuration, execution and visualization of underground water runoff simulation (Jeremy Bindel)

    During my intership, I developed a Jupyter Notebook to interact with a non-public Python library, HydroModPy. This library was about making simulation to predict underground water runoff. My role was to configure, execute and visualize results of the simulation in a Cloud oriented environment.