ChatGPT and End-user Programming

by Margaux Millour, Mathieu Acher
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


Is it possible to program non-trivial applications and customize code without knowing much about programming? Impressive showcases of ChatGPT suggest a positive answer, while some have claimed that programmers will be replaced or disappear.

In this coffee sponsored by INSA Rennes, we will present two lines of work that explore the actual link between ChatGPT and end-user programming. Margaux (Millour) will first introduce herself, for her last day at DiverSE. She will describe how she generated variants of Flappy bird games out of the same or different prompts. She will detail different methods and strategies to interact with ChatGPT3.5 and 4. She will also synthesize her findings and provides insights about the two first sentences of the abstract.

Joint work with Paul (Temple), not at INSA Rennes. Mathieu (Acher) will briefly demonstrate how ChatGPT can aid end-users in customizing complex programming code such as TikZ, SVG, CSS, or SCAD, by transforming it into a user-friendly, configurable version through a web-based tool.