Langium + Sirius Web = ❤️

by Théo Giraudet
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


Langium is an open-source project which proposes an alternative to Xtext in the NodeJS platform. Developed around LSP (Language Server Protocol), Langium is therefore totally front-end technology agnostic as long as the front-end supports the protocol. The goal of this talk is to show how we went from no knowledge of Langium to a prototype integrated in the Eclipse Sirius Web infrastructure and applied to a subset of SysML v2. SysML v2 being the newest version still under specification of SysML, a textual and graphical modeling language for system engineering. Thus, Sirius Web wich already proposes a graphical edition can offer users a textual edition of the model thanks to Langium.

What were the difficulties encountered using this emerging technology and to its integration in a large architecture such as Sirius Web? How did we overcome them? What challenges remain in order to move from the prototype to something that can be industrialized? We propose to answer these questions through our own experience.