A coffee with a mix of science, team life and technical stuff

by Olivier Barais & Quentin Le Dilavrec
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


During this coffee, I will present 4 different elements. Yes, please plan 3 hours of coffee ;) (a bit of science, a bit of team life, a bit of technical stuff).

The first one will be a quick presentation of the SWHSec project (Leveraging Software Heritage to Enhance Cybersecurity (SWHSec)), we will do a longer presentation of this topic on a next coffee after the submission of a European SecBuild project led by Olivier Z. This first talk will be in a way a follow up of Lunar’s talk last week.

The second talk will be an introduction to the brainstorming of next week at the seminar. (For those who are not present, I’ll send you an email recap of the work to do)

The third one will be a quick update on the side project CorrectExam. As I introduced it to the team, I will make a small demo.

The last one will be a demo by Quentin from Build Custom Silicon with Google clearly inspiring.