Me, Myself and I

by Paul Temple
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


This is the begining of a 54,687,134,513 suite of presentations of 2h each… … … … (well, in fact only 2 slots of probably 20 minutes) Paul has passed his PhD in the team and has performed a post-doc in Namur for almost 4 years. He felt that everybody forgot what he has done during his PhD and before and felt the need to talk about himself to gain self-confident and show how great his person was. In fact, he simply wants to be sure everybody gets an idea of his work because his background was first turn towards image processing and Machine Learning before getting into software variability, software testing, and more broadly software engineering thanks to his PhD.

This presentation will be about past research he did during his PhD and post-doc mainly (a quick glimpse at his Master’s thesis) before getting into research directions that he would like to explore in the future with DiverSE.