Hands on the DiverSE website

by Olivier Barais
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


Hi all, Bring your laptop and join the band! Olivier Barais, CEO/CTO of DiverSE Inc. & Co. will be giving a tutorial on how to use your mouse, keyboard, and internet connexion to update your profile in the DiverSE portal. All jokes aside, Olivier will be presenting the new DiverSE portal. How it works and how to contribute to it. Following, a hands-on session where all the team members will be updating their profiles. This is expected to grant more visibility to the team itself as well as the team members. As YOU need the DiverSE portal, the DiverSE portal needs YOU too! We’d be very glad having some volunteers coming forward for taking the responsibility for the maintenance of the DiverSE portal. The reward will be disclosed after the nomination. You’ll be surprised how amazing it is! The presentation is held in Lipari at 1 pm. Please DO NOT forget to bring your laptop. Kind regards,