Hypermedia APIs

by Antoine Cheron
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


Hi all, We’re happy to have Antoine Cheron as a speaker for our next DiverSE Coffee. Enters Antoine: Today, the web we interact with is mostly composed of two kinds of components: web pages and APIs. As web pages are full of hyperlinks and hypermedia, web APIs are not. Though augmenting web APIs with links is at the core of the REST architectural style, and only 5% of APIs do. Yes, 5%, even though most people say they provide RESTful APIs. In this talk, I will show what an API with hyperlinks and hypermedia looks like, what problems of distributed systems integration and composition it can solve and what it would change in frontend code to have such APIs. This talk aims at being very accessible. So I will need your feedback to make it as easy as possible to understand for anyone who has, or not, a background in computer science. The presentation is held in Room Markov on Thursday at 1 pm. Regards