Introducing Juliana

by Juliana Alves Pereira
DiverSE Coffee
Rennes, France


You’ve all already met Juliana, either in the corridor or during a team break. Regardless if you’ve already had the chance to discuss with her about her PhD topic or not, get to know more about her research activities in the DiverSE Coffee next week. Enters Juliana: In this talk, I will present a bit of myself and what I have been working on in the last three years during my Ph.D. at the University of Magdeburg, Germany. Below a quick summary of the talk. Software Product Lines (SPLs) have been employed in the industry as a mass customization process that reduces production costs and time-to-market. However, the inherent complexity and variability of SPLs lead to an exponentially growing amount of possible products. Thus, especially when dealing with large SPLs, scalability and performance concerns start to be an issue and specialized assistance becomes crucial to guide decision makers during product configuration. In this context, SPL configuration has been a hot research topic in the last years. My talk is mainly about the use of recommendation techniques to enable an efficient SPL configuration process and provide accurate and scalable solutions to decision makers. First, I will provide an overview of the implemented techniques and visual support that allows decision makers to focus on a limited set of valid and relevant parts of the configuration space. Then, I will empirically demonstrate the usability of the implemented techniques in different real-world scenarios from different domains.The presentation is held in Room Minquiers, Thursday, September 27th at 1 pm.