Here is the list of software projects we develop and maintain.


Descartes is a PIT plugin that implements and analyzes extreme mutants. It is able to discover methods that are executed by a test suite, yet their behavior is not properly tested.

Diversification Toolkit

Set of tools to monitor and automatically synthesize variants of Java programs.


A is a language for importing, exporting, composing, decomposing, editing, configuring, computing “diffs”, refactoring, reverse engineering, testing, and reasoning about (multiple) feature models.

GEMOC Studio

Provides generic components through Eclipse technologies for the development, integration, and use of heterogeneous executable modeling languages.


Interacto is a front-end framework for processing user interface events.

With Interacto developers configure how to turn a selected user interaction into a (undoable) UI command using a fluent API.


Set of tools enabling distributed reconfigurable software development.


A language and its platform for assembling and integrating multiple domain-specific languages (DSL).