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FairPipes: Data Mutation Pipelines for Machine Learning Fairness

Molinier, Camille and Temple, Paul and Perrouin, Gilles
5th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Automation of Software Test (AST 2024),, 2024

A Demonstration of End-User Code Customization Using Generative AI

Acher, Mathieu
VAMOS 2024 - 18th International Working Conference on Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems,, 2024

Polyglot Software Development: Wait, What?

Mussbacher, Gunter and Combemale, Benoit and Kienzle, Jörg and Burgueño, Lola and Garcia-Dominguez, Antonio and Jézéquel, Jean-Marc and Jouneaux, Gwendal and Khelladi, Djamel-Eddine and Mosser, Sébastien and Pulgar, Corinne and Sahraoui, Houari and Schiedermeier, Maximilian and van der Storm, Tijs
IEEE Software,Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2024

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Precise temporal analysis of source code histories at scale

Quentin Le Dilavrec
PhD Defense - 05/02/2024

An overview of REST API development

Stéphanie Challita
DiverSE Coffee - 01/02/2024

Building your dream modeling platform (at the risk of reinventing the wheel)

Jordi Cabot (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)
DiverSE Coffee - 25/01/2024

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Quentin Le Dilavrec - Precise Temporal Analysis of Source Code Histories At Scale