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Feature Subset Selection for Learning Huge Configuration Spaces: The case of Linux Kernel Size

Acher, Mathieu and Martin, Hugo and Pereira, Juliana Alves and Lesoil, Luc and Blouin, Arnaud and Jézéquel, Jean-Marc and Khelladi, Djamel Eddine and Barais, Olivier
Systems and Software Product Line Conference,, 2022

Scratching the Surface of ./configure: Learning the Effects of Compile-Time Options on Binary Size and Gadgets

Tërnava, Xhevahire and Acher, Mathieu and Lesoil, Luc and Blouin, Arnaud and Jézéquel, Jean-Marc
ICSR 2022 - 20th International Conference on Software and Systems Reuse,, 2022

Data-Centric Green AI: An Exploratory Empirical Study

Verdecchia, Roberto and Cruz, Luís and Sallou, June and Lin, Michelle and Wickenden, James and Hotellier, Estelle
ICT4S 2022 - 8th International Conference on ICT for Sustainability,, 2022

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Modular and distributed IDE

Fabien Coulon
DiverSE Coffee - 08/10/2020

Fabien presented his last paper accepted at SLE 2020. This paper present his work on distributing IDE services localy and on servers in a smart way.


Presentation of TrustCom and APSEC accepted papers

Nan Zhang Messe
DiverSE Coffee - 01/10/2020

Nan briefly presented her papers about modeling of asset vulnerabilities and how mine information in the CAPEC classification to identify vulnerabilities at design time.


GCP MODEL, an inferred formal model-driven specification of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Stéphanie Challita
DiverSE Coffee - 24/09/2020

Stéphanie presented her work on inferring formal model-driven specifications for the Google Cloud platform from its documentation.


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